The Eternal Hope Spiritualist Centre



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The Seven Principles of Spiritualism


1.  The Fatherhood of God.

2.  The Brotherhood of Man.

3.  The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of          Angels.

4.  The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul.

5.  Personal Responsibility: Serve to Deserve - no hurt, no sin.

6.  Compensation and Retribution here and hereafter for all good or evil deeds done on earth.

7.  Eternal Progress open to every human soul who wills to tread it by the path of Eternal Good. 

The History of Our Centre


Our Centre was founded in 1975 by people who wanted to create their own place to worship, accepting people from different faiths looking explore Spiritualism, Mediumship and Spiritual Healing.  This group addressed people's need to understand God, Spirit, Spiritualism and Death. They decided to continue to use the bible as a foundational tool for their belief system.

Our Centre's first home was the Market Building Cobourg, but building renovations sent us to a new home in Port Hope, Sunshine Heights.  In 1976, we moved to a more accessible location, the Cobourg Masonic Hall on James St., where we attained our Charter and remained for 30 years..  

We are located at 284 Division St. Cobourg On, Join us for our Divine service at 7p.m. each Sunday!



What is the Eternal Hope Spiritualist Centre?

The Eternal Hope Spiritualist Centre is a non-denominational organization.

We use the Seven Principles of Spiritualism  as the foundation of our teachings.  Our membership is drawn from a variety of faiths and denominations. 

All are welcome.

About Spiritualism


Spiritualism has existed in North America since the early 1800s, and in Britain and Europe for centuries longer.  As long as people have existed, they have searched for deeper meaning.

Spiritualists believe that in death, the Spirit leaves the body and continues to survive.  In our meetings we attempt to prove this Survival.

Certain people have a sense of vision or connection to the spirit world.  In training, a Medium is taught to channel that sense and direct it to guide other individuals in the living world to communicate with their loved ones.  The purpose of the Medium is to provide evidence that the Spirit lives on.

Mediums also offer Spiritual Healing during our services.  The Medium becomes a conduit for divine energy, allowing the energy to pass through their hands and offering that energy unconditionally to the recipient.  The Healer's hands  lightly touch  the body, or just above the body, transferring the energy to where it is needed as determined by their intuition.

Experienced Mediums offer spiritual development classes to those who wish to seek out and develop their own gifts.  This forum opens up possibilities to connect with the students' spirit guides, angels and loved ones.

We do not claim to have the whole truth. We invite you to join us and try our methods to discover if they work for you on your journey through life, and your search for spiritual enlightenment.



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